Season Schedule

Most seasons are four weeks. Every season has a different race distance format. The weeks run from Monday through Sunday and each runner is responsible for tracking their race time with a GPS device. The runner must then send a screen shot of their time and distance to their captain, who will submit all of their times to the official race tracker.

Season Five: November 30 - December 20

We are introducing a new competition for Season 5, the 2 person Endurance challenge. You can choose to race in both competitions or just choose one.

6 person Team Competition
Week One - 13.1 mile Team Relay*
Week Two - 18 mile Team Relay*
Week Three - 24 mile Team Relay*

*Teams can split distances however they want - 2 mile minimum distance per runner.


2 person Team Endurance Competition
Week One - 16 mile Team Relay*
Week Two - 20 mile Team Relay*
Week Three - 26.2 mile Team Relay*

*Miles are split equal amongst runners.